The Miami Parasailing Experience

Parasailing is one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Miami Parasail would like to introduce everyone to a unique experience of Parasailing in Miami.

We guarantee you with your friends and family an everlasting experience. Miami is known for it’s beautiful arial views now it is your chance to soar through it’s skies. Our professional staff will ensure you will have the best safest experience being in the air.

Come to our departure location and experience it first hand.

What's Included?

  • Life jackets
  • Open 7 days a week until sunset
  • A scenic boat ride to our session area
  • Up to 450 pounds per flight
  • Getting wet is optional but recommended!

What's Required?

  • Must be at least 4 years old
  • Photo ID required
  • Do not accept Amex as payment method

Parasailing FAQs


  • Minimum/Maximum Age?

    3-5 years (depending on the physical size of the child); everyone can fly no matter their age, as long as they do not have any serious physical pain.

  • Do we get wet?

    Getting wet is optional, however very recommended and voted the best part of the experience. You can pick whether just getting your feet wet or up to your chest!

  • How long does it take?

    You will be in the air for 12 min, depending on how many other flyers are on the boat, the full trip can take up to an hour.

  • How many people can go at once?

    We offer single, double, and triple flights. The vessel can carry 12 passengers.

  • Is there a weight limit?

    No limit!

  • What do I wear?

    You can go fully dressed if you decide not to get dipped at all. However, if you want to get wet, make sure to bring a bathing suit. We also recommend wearing a hat, sunglasses, and putting sunscreen on before boarding the boat.

  • What is the spectator option?

    Come for the boat ride, but you will not be allowed to fly.

  • Do you take photos/videos?

    We do not offer videos for the moment, however, we do have a photo package for $35 which includes over a 100 professionally taken pictures of your flight. You can either receive them on a 4 GB SD Card or have them transferred straight unto your iPhone.

  • Do we need to make a reservation?

    We work 85% with reservations, however, we do accept walk-ins although they won’t get priority and will have to go on the next available time. To sum it up, it is highly recommended to book with us on our site to have the least waiting time.

  • Do you need any experience?

    No experience or skill required we will be doing everything for you so just relax and enjoy the view.

  • Is it dangerous?

    Like all extreme sports there is a risk, however, the worst that can happen is that we will land you in the water (you will have a life vest) and we will come to pick you up with the boat. Miami Watersports has never had an accident since we started more than a decade ago. We are constantly inspecting and renewing our equipment with the newest technology in the parasailing industry. Our captains and mates go through numerous/ periodic emergency training sessions to be more than ready if something was ever to go wrong.

  • Is it scary?

    Not at all actually. Unlike that rush you get from roller coasters, parasailing gives you a smooth take-off and landing. The whole ride is very peaceful and actually smoother than on the boat!

  • Is wind a concern?

    We have a wide variety of parachute sizes to suit any number of wind conditions, so the wind will not affect the ride.

  • Does it take place in the ocean or bay?

    We parasail in the bay of Key Biscayne, which is not the ocean. This gives you the opportunity to view the Miami skyline from much calmer water than the ocean.

  • Can I change my mind if I want to fly once I'm on the boat?

    Yes of course! Pay difference when you get back.

  • What happens if we cannot do it because of the weather?

    We can always reschedule you for the next available time if we are not able to do it because of the weather, unfortunately, we don’t control the weather.

General FAQs


  • What activities do you guys offer?
    Miami Watersports offers Parasailing, Jet Ski, Tubing, Flyboard, Sailing, Kayaks, Paddleboards, Boat Tours and many more.
  • Are you open every day? What time?
    Yes we are open every day of the week, from 10 AM until 6-8 PM.
  • Is it Free Parking at all locations?
    Yes! We offer a free parking pass to all of our customers at all three locations. Our parking lots are right in front of the departure points.
  • Is it all one company? Or a booking agency?
    We are the owner of all activities and do not subcontract with anyone else. We sell and provide the service ourselves.
  • What do we need to bring/wear?

    Be ready to get wet! We recommend a bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels, hair tie if you have long hair, and a change of clothes if you have plans to go somewhere else after us.

  • How many locations are there?

    We have 3 departure points. Check out the location tab for departure points for this activity.

  • How far are you from Miami Beach?

    10-30 minutes depending on traffic.

  • Do you accept walk-ins?

    We work 85% with reservations, however, we do accept walk-ins although they won’t get priority and will have to go on the next available time. To sum it up, it is highly recommended to book with us on our site to have the least waiting time.

  • Can we add more Water Activities to our reservations once we get there?

    Of course, if you show up with more friends or family members, you will be able to pay the difference there, however, there is no guarantee that we will have enough space for the new “Walk-ins”.

  • Are bookings refundable?

    We do not provide refunds unless you are not able to be rescheduled due to us not being able to do the activity at all due to weather conditions.

Departure Point